​                                                        Welcome to the Iron Horse Road House Motorcycle Riders
                                                               We are a proud nonprofit organization 501-C7
                                           On behalf of the IHRH and our members, we would like to welcome you to the Iron Horse                                               Road House Motorcycle Riders. The IHRH MR was formed in 2003 by like-minded people                                             who have a love for the sport of motorcycling. The IHRH Motorcycle Riders is open to all                                                 people, with most types of bikes (although you can expect some good-natured kidding                                                   regarding that last item). The whole idea of the IHRH is not to sell a club or colors, but to                                                 Ride with Pride and raise funds to offer Kids an opportunity to enjoy life.

                                          We are a small group but hard working, combining our 2 passions, Riding and doing our very best for sick and under privileged children. So, if you feel you have the heart and drive to give to the pride of
IHRH we encourage you to join the family. The Iron Horse Road House Motorcycle Riders is a fun social
group, well known by others for the great causes we ride for. We know that if you take a little time to
look at Iron Horse Road House MR you will see the benefits of joining and sharing great times for an
incredible cause. Come out to one of our IHRH events and meet the people just like you and support
these great Kids.
                            Along with charitable rides we often get together on a Saturday or Sunday for social events. Our
members enjoy pick-up rides with the opportunity to socialize. We participate in many motorcycling
events in different states with both large and small groups; some of our trips have been to Daytona FL,
Americade NY, Laconia NH, and Black Thorne NY, we have also gone to Sturgis SD and Myrtle Beach SC.
The Club gets together once a month for our group meeting. The Board brings us up to date on things
relating to the business of IHRH. We discuss upcoming events and make plans for a number of social
events throughout the year for our members and their friends. Our club has events in April called the
Mystery ride and Fall Festival in October. Proceeds from these events provide funds for our Holiday Gray
House Kids Christmas Party, Shriners Children Hospital and the Wings of Angels and others in need. Our
Members participate in many other charity group rides to support the various causes in our community,
some of which are; Shriners Ride, the Ride for Brightside Toys, Poker rides, and many more. Please come
join us as we continue to ride for a great cause, THE CHILDREN! 

                                                       WWW.IRONHORSEROADHOUSEMR .COM
    President Paul “Axel” Foley         Vice President Jeff “Hawkeye” Callahan     Road Captain Dan “ Danny Boy” Smyth
    Sargent At Arms Ed “Wolfman” Rice        Treasurer Bob “Sidecar” Bengle        Secretary Gary “Piano Man” Smith

  We offer Four packages to sign up for   Bronze    Silver   Gold    Platium 

                   PLATINUM PACKAGE                          GOLD PACKAGE

          SILVER PACKAGE                 ​BRONZE PACKAGE


Please fill in here what package you picked and who you talked to on joining
                  ​ $1,000 Sponsorship
      Plaque 8 x 10 for sponsorship
      Streaming advertisement on website with logo
      1 year mention on website
      Individual banner displayed at events
     4 tickets to an event
     4 Key Chains
     4 T-Shirts (company name & logo)
                    $500 Sponsorship
  Small plaque (5 x 7)
  Streaming advertising on website
  1 year mention on website  
  Banner displayed at events
  2 T-Shirts (company name & logo)
  2 Key Chains
  2 Tickets to an event

              $250 Sponsorship
2 T-Shirts (company name & logo)
2 Key Chains
2 Tickets to an event
Certificate of Sponsorship
Website mention with name & logo
1 year mention on website

                    $100 Sponsorship
  1 T-Shirt (company name & logo)
  1 Key Chain
  Certificate of Sponsorship
  Website mention with company name and logo
  1 year mention on website