Iron Horse Road House Motorcycle Riders
ARTICLE I Name and Authority
The name of this organization shall be the Iron Horse Road House Motorcycle Riders Group and hereafter referred to as the IHRH. The IHRH shall be a non-profit organization in the state of MA. and shall be subject to the laws of the state. The rules, policies, and procedures of the IHRH shall be embodied in the Constitution and By-Laws of the IHRH, hereinafter referred to as "Constitution" and "By-Laws". Changes or amendments to those documents must be made only by means of the procedures described therein for such changes.

ARTICLE II Purpose, Goals, and Objectives
PURPOSE: The purpose of the IHRH is to establish and maintain a spirit of camaraderie and esprit de corps that will enhance the prestige and riding experience of all motorcycle riders, encourage on-going rider education and skills development, increase public awareness and help reduce motorcycle mishaps. Always operate and conduct itself in a manner that provides equal opportunity and treatment for all motorcyclists and members, regardless of gender, race, or religious beliefs.

1. The IHRH will seek to improve rider morale and skills, promote general road safety, rider awareness and road skills improvement education.

2. The IHRH will strive to enhance local community relations with riders through involvement in sponsored efforts and events as well as educational awareness for non-riders.

3. Each member is expected to actively participate, to support the objectives of the IHRH, and to promote the safety and welfare of all members.

1. Improve each individual motorcycle riding experiences through the collective knowledge, wisdom and positive influence of the IHRHs membership on and off the road.

2. Open effective communications with all members to exchange ideas and keep attuned to changes in attitudes and behaviors of riders.

3. Positively promote safe and respectful motorcycling within the IHRH.

4. Promote social gatherings, area rides and shared motorcycle ownership knowledge with IHRH members, non-IHRH members, specific and local community and other motorcycle organizations.

5. For the safety of all IHRH members, no alcohol or drugs will be used or consumed before or during the riding portion of any IHRH-sponsored trip or event. IHRH members will plan for and promote the use of designated drivers and utilize other OUI prevention programs with all IHRH-sponsored, organized, or attended events where alcoholic beverages or drugs could be present.

6. Provide a forum wherein any policy, program, or problem of interest or concern to the members in general and executive committee in particular, may be discussed openly and freely without reprisal.

ARTICLE III Qualification of Members, Good Standing Status, Dues and IHRH Patches

SECTION A: Membership in the IHRH shall be strictly voluntary and is currently by due process. Active members with a motorcycle equal to or above 650cc must have a motorcycle endorsement on their license and in good standing with insurance as required by state laws. All members will be aware that they are jointly and severely liable to the obligations of the IHRH. Membership shall consist of the categories defined below.

1. Active Member: Any individual, who has fulfilled the criteria above, has been voted in by a majority of the IHRH membership. An active member in Good Standing including dues is authorized to vote upon and discuss all matters in which the member has interests.

2. Associate Member: Any individual who rides as a passenger with an active member and pays dues. An associate member is authorized to vote upon and discuss all matters in which the member has interests. No active member can sponsor more than two associate members, and riders who are eligible to become an active member will not be sponsored as an associate member. An associate member must follow the same process as a prospect member.

3. Selective Member: Any individual who does not ride as a passenger with an active member and pays dues. A selective member can vote on any matters that pertain to IHRH (matters), they can discuss all matters in which the member has interests. A selective member cannot sponsor any riders who are eligible to become an active member; they may bring it to the floor at a meeting for active members to deliberate. Selective member must follow the same process, but cannot hold a center patch "Horse Head" unless certain voted exceptions apply.

4. Prospect Member: Prospects are expected to help at events and rides and meet all requirements who are applying for active associate or selective membership. Prospects must be sponsored by an active member in Good Standing and cannot be voted into membership until one month has passed since their introduction to the IHRH; additionally they must have attended at least two official IHRH events and IHRH-recognized rides prior to voting on their status. This membership will be their only involving a motorcycle club or other organizations, special circumstances will be considered for vote. A prospect will pay for all patches commencing a three-month period for upper rocker and three months for bottom rocker. After patch completion at the next meeting all active members will decide and vote for the prospects full membership. The sponsor and IHRH members are responsible for ensuring the prospective member understands all IHRH rules and rides in a safe manner. Additional duties include, but are not limited to; (1) Provide liaison between the IHRH and the local community with overall goal of increasing public awareness of the IHRH and the IHRH’s objectives. (2) Lead the IHRH to create plans for informing local community of upcoming IHRH events. (3) Coordinate with local media (newspaper, radio, television, etc.) involving upcoming events.

5. Honorary Member: May be extended to any person with a simple majority vote of the active members present at any membership meeting, except as mentioned below. Such membership/recognition shall be restricted to individuals who have taken positive actions that support the IHRH’s principles, purposes, and objectives as explained by the Active Member nominating the individual. Said members are not authorized to vote.

6. Inactive Member: Any individual mentioned above who leaves the IHRH or fails to maintain Good Standing status. An inactive member is not authorized to vote nor make any motions.

7. Death of a Member: The IHRH will ensure that any members in Good Standing who pass away will respectfully receive IHRH representation at the memorial services if requested by the family and/or may be honored on a separate IHRH ride or event.

SECTION B: Good Standing

1. All references to “Active Members” shall be understood to refer to those in Good Standing unless otherwise declared.

2. Good Standing shall include the following: a. Payment of any dues/fees is current. b. No actions contrary to the standards declared in this Charter and By-Laws have been noted by the membership (as described in the next paragraph).

3. A member may be declared “Not in Good Standing” for violations by order of the IHRH’s Executive Committee or by majority vote of the general membership. Any member so declared may not be elected to office, vote on IHRH matters, or sponsor a prospective member. Any officer declared will be removed from office and temporarily replaced until their “Good Standing” status is returned or term is up.

SECTION C: Dues will be kept minimal, re-voted on annually and are as follows:

1. Active Members $25.00 annually if paid at one time.

2. Associate Members $20.00 annually if paid at one time.

3. Selective Member $15.00 annually fee.

4. Honorary Member: No dues required.

*NOTE: New members are not required to pay for their first year dues and will be presented their starting IHRH patch free by the IHRH membership.

1. Each member will be issued one patch, to be attached to the front right or left side of a vest, jacket or other acceptable article of clothing. IHRH patches should not be confused with “colors” and should be attached appropriately according to local customs.

2. Each member must acquire additional patches at their own expense.

3. All patches, business cards, identification cards, emblems, pins, articles of clothing or any other object containing the IHRH name or any abbreviation thereof, or any reproduction, copy or recognizable part of the official IHRH patch design shall remain the property of the IHRH at all times.

4. Patches will not be presented to anyone who is not an IHRH member except when the design might be incorporated into an IHRH-approved honorarium or fund-raising event.

5. Additional patches and pins are subject to IHRH approval (i.e. Diamonds, 1% emblems, etc.).
BY-LAWS The following By-Laws are set forth for the normal operation and administration of the IHRH and will be directed by, and a guide for, the IHRH officers and members.

ARTICLE I Officers, Their Duties, and Elections

SECTION A: The following IHRH officers will be elected in accordance with the charter to serve a period of two years. It is the responsibility of the previously elected officers to ensure that a new phone/address list is provided immediately upon newly elected positions. The positions are as follows;

1. President
2. Vice President (when 10 or more riders/members exist)
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Sergeant-At-Arms
6. Road Captain

All elected officers named above constitute the Executive Committee. In addition to the specific duties described in the following

Section B, the Executive Committee may:
1. Authorize disbursement of funds to pay for expenses as approved by IHRH procedures.
2. Appoint committee members and any temporary officers required.
3. Take disciplinary action following the guidelines, against any member found to be in violation of the IHRH rules.
4. Act as a Budget Committee, unless a specific Budget Committee is formed.
5. Any actions of the Executive Committee must be reported at the next meeting.
The IHRH officer’s election, removal, powers, and responsibilities shall be governed in accordance of the rules contained in the Charter and By-Laws.

SECTION B: Duties of Officers

The duties are as follows:
1. Manage the IHRH according to its Charter and By-laws. 2. Preside at all meetings or appoint an active member to represent him/her in their absence. 3. Set dates for membership, special and executive committee meetings. 4. Appoint committee members on a voluntary basis. 5. Appoint members to fill elected officer positions if less than three months remain on the present term and the elected officer are unable to complete the current term. 6. Act as IHRH spokesperson. 7. Chair Executive Committee. 8. Authorize expenditures as agreed upon by the IHRH between scheduled meetings of the membership, with concurrence of the Executive Committee. 9. Vote only in the event of a tie.

Vice President
The duties are as follows:
1. Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence and assist in all aspects of the officer’s duties as needed.

The duties are as follows:
1. Record the minutes of membership meetings and take attendance. 2. Distribute minutes within 3 calendar days (via e-mail if capability exists). 3. Receive approval of previous month minutes at next regularly scheduled meeting. 4. Maintain a completed file of IHRH correspondence. 5. Assist with election and ballots. 6. Provide administrative support required by the IHRH. 7. Assist the treasurer with Private Organization duties. 8. Retain a copy of the minutes from the annual meeting (approved) signed by the President, filed in the organizations historical folder. 9. Take attendance at each meeting, and ensure organizational records are compiled, maintained, and transferred to his/her successor.

The duties are as follows:
1. Collect and record receipt of membership dues. 2. Issue and accept membership applications/resignations. 3. Maintain IHRH membership roster and make available to the IHRH (via e-mail if capability exists). 4. Maintain records on status of various IHRH accounts to render reports at meetings. 5. Handle Private Organizational setup and funds / Coordination and inspections. 6. Accomplish a financial statement each month and a copy for review.

The duties are as follows:
1. Ensure and enforce that the By-Laws and Standing Rules of the IHRH are not violated. 2. Assure Executive Committee orders are carried out in an expeditious manner. 3. Maintain order at all IHRH events and meetings, except as noted under Duties of the President. 4. Ensure proper decorum and courtesies are observed during all IHRH activities. 5. Act as custodian of temporary and IHRH-owned property.

Road Captain
The duties are as follows:
1. Plan the travel routes and organize the basic itinerary of the IHRH prior to going on an event. 2. Lead the IHRH information during riding events. 3. Work with Sergeant-At-Arms to enforce IHRH rules and procedures for group rides. 4. Act as Sergeant-At-Arms when one is not present.

SECTION C: Elections, Voting, and Officer Removal
Nominations for IHRH officers will be proposed in advance of elections and listed in the IHRH minutes and will only be made by members in Good Standing. Declination by nominees will be so indicated or announced prior to voting, NOTE: The positions of President, Vice President, Sgt.-At-Arms, and Road Captain must be full riding active members, not passengers based on road responsibilities and duties.
All elective offices shall be filled at a bi-annual election to be held in the general membership meeting in February. Officers shall hold positions for two years or until their successors are elected and qualified. Nomination of principal officers will be solicited at the January monthly meeting. The election of principal officers will be conducted at the February meeting, with newly elected officers assuming office at the March meeting. All officers will be elected by a majority vote. A member may hold only one office at one time. It is not required that a candidate for office be able to serve for the complete term. Should a candidate be elected that can only serve part of the term, an Interim Officer will be elected to serve out the remainder of that time. Special elections for any unpredicted Officer vacancies shall be held at the next meeting.
Voting for the election of officers will be by secret ballot. Voting on all other IHRH business will be by a show of hands with the majority ruling, or as stated below. Ballots for the annual election will be provided to all members in good standing. Members with outstanding dues may obtain a ballot prior to the election by paying outstanding dues. For those active members unable to attend the February general meeting, absentee ballots may be obtained from the IHRH Secretary. The candidate for each position with the most votes wins. E-mail votes will be the preferred/primary method (non-contested nominees will be voted on by open majority vote).
Iron Horse Road House Motorcycle Riders
Revision Date 8/15/16 8
IHRH officers may be removed for cause with due process, by request of at least three Active Members in the form of a signed or e-mailed petition, including a list of the charges against the officer. All active members of the IHRH must then be informed of the impending vote, which requires approval of at least two thirds of the Active Membership returning ballots. Prior to the vote the officer charged will have the opportunity to prepare a statement of defense concerning the charges against him/her.
ARTICLE II Meetings of the IHRH
SECTION A: (General Membership Meeting) shall be held at least once a year, for the primary purpose of electing new officers.
SECTION B: (Regular Membership Meetings) shall be held monthly for the purpose of conducting IHRH business, listening to guest speakers, etc. Motions/resolutions and revisions/amendments will be carried by a simple majority of positive votes except when the issue involves a request for complete written financial reports. In this exceptional case, a two-thirds (2/3) majority of positive votes is required.
SECTION C: (Special Meetings) may be called by any Executive Committee member. Special Meetings may be limited to certain/specific members depending on the topic. All those required to attend must be notified of a special meeting at least three days in advance.
ARTICLE III Revisions, Adoptions, Amendments, and Review
SECTION A: (Revisions/Adoptions) The adoption and or revision of this charter and associated by-laws require the approval of a majority of positive votes of the active members present at any meeting, provided a two-week oral or written notice is given the IHRH. This charter and associated by-laws will not take effect until reviewed by the first acting and or subsequent elected positions of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
SECTION B: (Amendments) The organization will ensure the by-laws are reviewed annually for approval. This charter and associated by-laws may be amended or abolished in whole or in part by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of positive votes of the active members present at any meeting, provided a two-week oral or written notice is given to the IHRH. All amendments will not take effect until reviewed by the first acting and/or subsequent elected positions of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
SECTION C: (Review) The Executive Committee shall review this charter and the associated by-laws annually to ensure accuracy, completeness and applicability.
Iron Horse Road House Motorcycle Riders
Revision Date 8/15/16 9
ARTICLE IV Dissolution
The IHRH may be dissolved by request of two-thirds (2/3) or more of the active membership in the form of a signed petition. Upon dissolution, all IHRH funds and properties, in excess of liabilities and expenses of dissolution, shall be donated to any civilian organization as decided on by a simple majority of positive votes of the active members present.
ARTICLE V Financial
SECTION A: (General Membership) Member dues can be used for IHRH payment or members “Special Help Fund”, (*Special Help Fund described below).
*Special Help Fund is an internal fund designed to help IHRH members in financial or general distress that would have a direct negative impact on the IHRHs well being or cohesion. Total monies will be voted on an individual bases.
SECTION B: (Event Money) Ride money will be donated to Gray House for children and Shriners Wings of Angels, both located in Springfield MA.
SECTION C: (Distribution of Funds) Events to include the Mystery Ride and Pig Roast, the IHRH will retain 20% with (15%) going into the general IHRH fund and (5%) into the Special Help Fund (both savings), leaving the rest or 80% to be added to the charitable account (checking), until achieving a total of $1200.00 for Gray house and $500.00 for Shriners. Any additional amounts above the total of $1700.00 can be distributed charitably by IHRHs discretion.
Iron Horse Road House Motorcycle Riders
Revision Date 8/15/16 10
The name “Iron Horse Road House Motorcycle Riders IHRH” and logos are the sole property of the IHRH and may not be changed, duplicated, reproduced or copied without the express written consent of the Executive Committee and its members.
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